Load image into Gallery viewer, SCHAMPA Fleece Double Layer Mini Neck Gaiter &  Headband
Load image into Gallery viewer, SCHAMPA Fleece Double Layer Mini Neck Gaiter &  Headband

SCHAMPA Fleece Double Layer Mini Neck Gaiter & Headband

SKU: NG004

Vendor Schampa

Product Description

SCHAMPA Mini-Neck Gaiter sounds simple enough, but it took time to identify a need for the item. The need came from riders XXL and larger. Traditional Neck Gaiters were simply too tall or thick to be worn around the Neck with a Full-Face Helmet. So, I created a half size gaiter that fits unbelievably well. I personally love to use these as Ear-bands. The SCHAMPA Mini-Neck Gaiter became a hit with a variety of users that were not interested in the thickness and height of traditional Neck Gaiters. With that we have the Mini-Neck Gaiter. The additional width provides solid coverage over the ears and a good portion of the top of your head.

Owner's Note

“Well over 15 years ago, I remember the first time I recognized the issue with traditional Neck Gaiters. I saw large men at events trying on our neck gaiters. They were struggling with moving their heads side to side and up and down with the normal Neck Gaiters we sold. It was difficult for them to move their heads with a full-face helmet on.  It was a great moment for SCHAMPA as we identified a need, and we were again able to be the first company in the industry to solve it.

Schampa's Mini-Gaiter was developed upon recognizing the need for a less constrictive less bulky and better fitting Neck Gaiter with a full-face helmet. I cut our Double Layer Neck Gaiter in half and BAM, instant success. By cutting the gaiter in half it also makes for a perfect headband. So, when you're done riding take off the helmet and keep the ears warm."  SCHAMPA owner Andy Myers

Product Features

  • Great for Users XXL and Larger
  • Can be used as a Head/Ear Band or NeckGaiter
  • Highly Wind Resistant to keep out the Extreme Cold, Very Warm.
  • Excellent Neck, Face, Ear, and Head Protection from the cold.
  • Made of Double Layer 200wt Fleece
  • Travel Light
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Excellent with Full Face Helmets.
  • Works with Open Helmets, ½ & ¾ Helmets, or Alone
  • 100% Polyester
  • Color: Black