SCHAMPA Coolskin Smart Balaclava


Vendor Schampa

Product Description

SCHAMPA SMART BALACLAVA features SCHAMPA’s Facefit System, Reflective accents, CoolSkin top, and a SoftShield panel. FaceFit helps keep your mask securely in place during any ride by molding to your face. Reflective trim adds a bit more driver awareness. CoolSkin on the top ensures it will fit under your helmet. SCHAMPA’s SoftShield fabric blocks wind, cold, rain, and sun.

The “Be Seen” movement is real. Any extra visibility on the road is never a bad thing. Let people know you are there. If this little bit of Hi-Vis Reflective trims help then that’s a good thing.

Product Features

  • Schampa FaceFit System
  • Reflective Accents Throughout
  • SCHAMPA CoolSkin Top
  • Moisture Management Technology 
  • SCHAMPA SoftShield Wind & Water Proof
  • Mesh Breather around the Nose and Mouth
  • Use with Any Helmet or Alone
  • Contoured Design
  • Year Round Use
  • Color: Black
  • One Size Fits Most
  • 100% Polyester